I’m home


Well, here I am πŸ™‚

I have been wanting to start this for a while now. I have much to learn of the technical aspects, but the inclination to put ‘pen to paper’ is strong and I can no longer ignore it. To really use pen and paper would suit me down to the ground, but then I could not reach out you, which I so wish to do…

I hope this will be a soothing place, where I share what inspires me and touches my soul. I feel I am being compelled to do this by something beyond me, and I am yielding to this call. I spend my days in a desk job, for which I am grateful, but daydreams twinkle in the corners of my thoughts – little sparks I am inspired to indulge and flirt with, shaping them into treasures I can keep in my mind and heart – gently guiding me on.

Please join me as I share whatever arises, from the deep to the minutiae πŸ™‚

In terms of minutiae, I just had a cup of ‘Madame Flavour – Rooibos Mint & Choc’ tea. Oh my! I have no association with this company, I was just given a teabag by a friend today and brought it home to enjoy while we have our first chat together! Win! I added a little sugar and it really was like indulging in minty chocolate!

A primary motivating factor for the creation of this blog was as a self- nurturing space. On that note, I am not going to pressure myself to write ‘War and Peace’ this evening (I have never read that book, have you?!). I am going to have a relaxing shower, and start my new book (‘Nigella Lawson’ – a biography by Gilly Smith, 2006) – a great charity shop find. I like biographies, spiritual classics and historical fiction mainly. Oh, and recipe books (I have almost all of Nigella’s), but they sometimes tend to be more about inspiration than implementation! What books have you enjoyed recently? (or even not so recently) – recommendations always appreciated!

I look forward to catching up with you again soon!

Author: Blissful breaths

My wish is to create here a haven of joyful simplicity, where I hope you will join me and find comfort, care and clarity. Fill your tea cup and let's chat :)

5 thoughts on “I’m home”

  1. Best of luck with your blog, Susan. I write because I like writing. I indulge myself. Do it for you, when you want to, about what you want and you will get so much enjoyment from it. Give it time and you will build a regular little following of readers and become part of a great community.


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