Some “me” time


(*above – my op shop finds)


(* above – The cleaned-up little pot, figs and mango from a friend, my beloved diffuser and oils, and my favourite teapot – another op shop find)

Today I had an impromptu (well, decided yesterday) day off. Since late November I have been working overtime – one evening per week, and 7-3 on a Saturday.  This is on top of working full time Monday-Friday.  It’s a government job with “flex time”, meaning that I can work extra hours and save them up for a day off.  I had 7.5 hours up my sleeve ( the equivalent of a standard day), so yesterday I decided I would cash those hours in today…

I slept in until about 9am and then pottered around a bit, before going for a drive up the coast (the beautiful Western Australian coast, that is), having a walk on the beach, and browsing a few different charity shops.  Charity shops, or ‘op shops’ as we call them locally, are one of my little hobbies, but I am certainly becoming more selective in what I allow to make its way home with me…

Today I stumbled upon a brand new hardcover recipe book, published 2017, called “Monday Morning Cooking Club – It’s always about the food”.  I can only surmise that this was an unwanted Christmas gift or some such scenario.  I have seen this book for $50 in David Jones (department store) – it cost me $5.  It is the third in a series.  I have seen the other books – they are loosely based on Jewish cooking, but incorporate all sorts of dishes – this book is filled with mouth watering offerings including salads, tagines, beautiful cakes, desserts and breads.

I also found a little cut glass pot with a lid.  It was dusty and overfilled with synthetic smelling candle wax, such that the lid could not even sit properly on the jar.  However, I could see the promise and potential of this little treasure.  Once home, I poured boiling water over the wax and it slipped out easily,  I washed it thoroughly in soapy water, gave it a polish and it was restored to its former glory.  It would make a nice little sugar bowl, or I may re-purpose it as a home made candle using my essential oils – it deserves to have a beautiful natural scent in it.  This was $4.

This was a lovely day off for me, and was just enough of an indulgence to restore and rejuvenate my soul.  I grapple with accepting all the overtime sometimes, but it pays well and will not be available forever.  I am all about self-care but I’m also practical and sensible, and can see the obvious benefits of building wealth and ‘making hay while the sun shines’.  I like financial security and I love travelling, so I keep these benefits in mind. Last year my husband and I had a lovely trip to Europe (Scandinavia and the Baltics) of which I will talk more in another post, and it encourages me that we can think about another amazing trip some time soon  🙂

I’m realising that, as life is busy, it serves me well to cherish my down time and be selective with what I fill it with. Today was perfect.

Author: Blissful breaths

My wish is to create here a haven of joyful simplicity, where I hope you will join me and find comfort, care and clarity. Fill your tea cup and let's chat :)

4 thoughts on “Some “me” time”

  1. A day off when one would otherwise be at work is a real treat, and all the more so because it doesn’t deplete the annual leave allowance! I now work only 16 hours a week but still have a little flexibility in my actual hours. I have 9 hours in credit at present and am just waiting to see if any interesting opportunities pop up in February where I think it’s worth ‘spending’ some of them. Congratulations on becoming part of the blogging community. Eloise


  2. Greetings Susan from southern California. I found your blog via Margaret’s blog. Sorry you couldn’t comment on my blog; I don’t know what went wrong. I sign up to follow your lovely blog. I loved seeing the op shop treasures you found. Enjoy your weekend! Pat


  3. Hi Pat. Thank you for your lovely comment. I like your blog too! I’m not the most technical person in the world – I probably did something wrong while trying to comment – haha. Have a great weekend in Southern California 😀


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