Restoring order

After a hectic week, I woke this morning with the urge to clean and tidy.  I don’t have housekeeping routines – I just naturally keep on top of things with varying degrees of enthusiasm and energy, and it seems to work well for the most part.

The biggest issue in our place is dog hair – our dog is a hair factory who seems to operate 24/7! The best way I have found to deal with it is to use a static ‘rake’ type thing I purchased a couple of years ago at a home show.  As our entire apartment is a combination of wooden floors and tiles, it is easy to rake up the big handfuls of hair which gather under the bed and other furniture, and then just use the hand-held dust buster to vacuum up the remaining crumbs / dust etc.


I then wipe down the furniture and the floors with a natural wood cleaner which has a lovely almond scent.  It doesn’t take long for everything to be fresh and gleaming.

I felt I needed a nutrition hit today so brunch was a nutrient-dense smoothie, topped with some mint from my little balcony garden.


I then headed to my husband’s work (he’s a scientist) and spent a bit of time helping him clean and organise his lab. He is going through a particularly busy period at the moment, so I was happy to lend a hand. I came home via the shops, where I picked up a few things, and then settled down to watch a new episode of ‘Call the Midwife’ (series 7, episode 3) which had recorded while I was out.  I do enjoy that programme, although it can be harrowing viewing.

It’s interesting how a day of ‘work’ can be so restorative and make one feel energised to embark on a new, fresh week. I’m now relaxing, listening to some Spotify (I discovered the artist ‘Ashana’ today, quite by accident), but my reverie was somewhat shattered about an hour ago by a helicopter hovering round outside our apartment, accompanied by haunting music. All part and parcel of inner city living, and the current Arts festival…

The dog was a bit freaked out by this ‘art’ and is now recovering on my lap   🙂

What did you get up to over the weekend?  Whatever it was, I hope it included some special treats!

Author: Blissful breaths

My wish is to create here a haven of joyful simplicity, where I hope you will join me and find comfort, care and clarity. Fill your tea cup and let's chat :)

4 thoughts on “Restoring order”

  1. My desire to participate in housework is also subject to varying degrees of enthusiasm…a bit like going to the gym! We have no pets now but I once had a Golden Retreiver and brushing up the hair was an endless task. I used to brush my carpet with a wire dog brush. Probably not recommended by the carpet manufacturers but it did the job nicely.
    How interesting that you also get to see ‘Call the Midwife’ as we do in UK. I enjoy it too. I’m not sure what series we are on now, but it’s 1963.
    I note that you live in Perth. My husband was there from 1970-73. He says it is a beautiful city.


  2. I hear you re the gym and the housework! It’s great when you find something that works and makes a job easier.

    I think the series I am watching is 1963. It’s the series where the Doctor and his family have the Hungarian au pair, and there is a new Jamaican nurse at the convent.

    That’s interesting that your husband was in Perth – was it for work? We emigrated to Perth from the UK in the early 80s. Perth is virtually unrecognisable now from that time, when it was like a big country town. In particular, the Western Australian mining boom (supplying iron ore to China) in the mid 2000’s saw enormous growth and investment in the state and it grew a lot bigger and more vibrant, although it’s still quiet compared to places like Sydney and Melbourne…


  3. Yes, that’s the series we have too. It’s a gentle programme and I really like it. A great lesson in social history. My husband emigrated in 1970 as a 24 year old with his first wife on the ‘£10 Pomme’ scheme with the intention of staying there for good. However, she missed her family and wanted to return. I’m sure it’s very different almost fifty years on. His elder brother went just after and he is still there, living in Victoria.


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