Simple pleasures

Another busy week rushing by…

I worked overtime last night until 8pm.  I live quite close to work, in the city centre, so it doesn’t take me long to get home. I fed the hungry hound and then we went out across the road for some fresh air.  It was an absolutely beautiful evening.

Across the road is an historic precinct which has recently been re-developed into a lovely little area.  It is a pleasure to wander across there and walk / sit in an evening.

Below is St George’s Anglican Cathedral, built between 1879 and 1888. This is very old by Australian standards! Obviously this pales in comparison to the age of many buildings in Europe.  Just last year I was in, or near, many such buildings – it certainly made Perth seem very young upon my return.  Still, it is nice to have this lovely old building nearby. The lawn and volleyball net are very new.  Behind the cathedral is St George’s Terrace, Perth’s main business district.


Below is a cross from Westminster Abbey.  It was presented to the people of W.A. in 1981, by the Duke of Edinburgh, in appreciation for money raised to help fund the restoration of the Abbey. The cross is of portland stone and once stood at the highest point of the Northern front of the Abbey.

In the background is Perth Council House on St George’s Terrace.  It is always lit up at night. On Australia Day (26 January) it is lit up in green and gold. I’m actually surprised it’s not pink or red tonight, for Valentine’s Day.


Below is a statue of Captain James Stirling, founder Governor of Western Australia. You can hopefully read the plaque below.  There are various places in Perth named after Captain Stirling – Stirling St in the city, Stirling Highway (a major highway running through the western suburbs) and there is also a suburb called Stirling.

My dog is scared of this statue!




Today at work, whenever Valentine’s Day was mentioned, I proclaimed how I think it is a contrived and commercialised occasion, with which I do not bother. Tonight I may have to eat my words, as well as the below chocolate goodies!  I was touched at the thought from dear husband, but also glad it did not extend to a grossly overpriced bouquet or dinner out.  He got home earlier than usual tonight as he had been out doing field work today in the heat and was tired.  We just lay down and listened to music and chatted.  I have not seen much of him lately as he is working on a very important project, so just spending time together relaxing was lovely. He even listened to the music I wanted!  I have about 700 songs on my Spotify “favourites” play list, so obviously it is quite an eclectic mix, but he still usually whinges about most of it! Tonight he indulged me…  that’s what Valentine’s Day means to me 🙂

Chris de Burgh seemed to crop up on the playlist a lot tonight, and I was reminiscing about my obsession with  him in the 80s / 90s.  I saw him twice in England in 1992 – I spent a gap year back in my mother country between high school and University, and lived with family in Whitley Bay (near Newcastle). I worked in Marks and Spencer, made some friends, travelled a bit in Europe and travelled to see C de B at Sheffield Arena and Whitley Bay Ice Rink!  Great times!   I then saw him in 1997, at Perth Concert Hall, which is right next to Council House.


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, and goodnight   🙂

Author: Blissful breaths

My wish is to create here a haven of joyful simplicity, where I hope you will join me and find comfort, care and clarity. Fill your tea cup and let's chat :)

6 thoughts on “Simple pleasures”

  1. Great photographs. I love the Council House lights!
    I think that Valentine’s day is a commercial con and, as a couple, we don’t celebrate it. This proves useful to my son and daughter in law who like to do so and needed a babysitter!


      1. Haha, Why would you NOT eat the chocolate! Valentine’s day, any day, chocolate is welcome. If only my waistline thought so too 😦


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