The books are breeding

I have a slight problem.. I have an addiction to books, and not enough time to read them!

I just can’t help but get excited when I read a book review, and I have dozens of names on my ‘Goodreads’ app for future reference.  I don’t buy them all, of course, but I do order some…  If I am buying a new book (as opposed to one I find in a charity shop), I almost always buy it from

While I would love to support local bookshops, it is just not feasible to do so.  Books are terribly over-priced in Australia.  For example, today I received the below Kate Grenville book (pictured next to free magazine from supermarket) for $7, including postage.  This could cost up to $30 in some local bookshops. Eventually I may find it in a cheaper store like Target or Kmart, but it would still be likely to cost at least double the price of Book Depository.


I already have a Kate Grenville book, not yet read, in the book case.  It was given to me by my brother.  I found it in his apartment in Melbourne when I last visited, and he had no recollection of having seen it before!  A friend or family member must have left it behind when visiting him … it’s mine now  🙂  It is ‘The Secret river’. I am looking forward to reading both these books, both about early days of European settlement in Australia…

Below are just some of the books lying around the place!

There are books on tracing one’s family tree (I did some work on this a couple of years ago), and on Northumberland and the Border Reivers (again related to my background, on my Mum’s side).

The book called ‘Swan River letters’ is a book of transcripts and reports from early settlers of the Swan River colony in Western Australia, which were published in British and colonial newspapers.  It includes a letter from Captain James Stirling (see yesterday’s post).

There are a few biographies and autobiographies relating to various cultures and countries…

‘Working class boy’ is the story of Jimmy Barnes, a famous Australian singer who now performs solo, but was initially part of a famous band called ‘Cold Chisel’.  I believe that Jimmy is largely unknown outside Australia. He is originally from Glasgow and had a difficult childhood, but went on to achieve success in Australia after emigrating. His adult life has not been without its demons either, however. Last year I went to see a stage show by him, consisting of him talking about his life and singing his hits.  It was called ‘Working class boy’, the same as the book, and was excellent. He now has a new book out, called ‘Working class man’ and will be performing another show of the same name.  The name is based on one his biggest hits – ‘Working class man’, an absolutely iconic Aussie song.  His ‘shouting’ is not to everyone’s taste, but it is from my youth and very evocative of Aussie summers. My very favourite song of his is by Cold Chisel, called ‘Flame Trees’.


Back to books….

‘A different kind of daughter’ is about a young girl who disguised herself as a boy so that she could play squash and not be caught by the Taliban.

There are a couple of books about royalty there, some other biographies, some personal finance books and an assortment of novels, including all the Poldark series – a gift from my Mum.

Also a variety of recipe books, including Vols. 1 and 2 of ‘Farmhouse Kitchen’, produced by Yorkshire television in 1975 and 1978… very well worn and stained, especially on the page containing ‘drop scones’, which my brother and I would make almost every week in the early 80s after moving to Oz.  Drop scones are called ‘pikelets’ in Australia, but a rose by any other name… sweet memories.


Below is a pile of books and magazines which have somehow made their way into the bedroom…


And in the hallway is this little bookcase with old classics I was given by my great Aunt in England, and a few books that were my Mum’s at school in the 50s…


This is not all the books in the place, and does not even touch on my husband’s (mostly science and science-fiction). And this is after a book de-clutter!  Many of these books are as yet unread…

I think I need to win Lotto and quit my job  🙂

But it’s a nice problem to have!

Author: Blissful breaths

My wish is to create here a haven of joyful simplicity, where I hope you will join me and find comfort, care and clarity. Fill your tea cup and let's chat :)

5 thoughts on “The books are breeding”

  1. Thank you for sharing some great books. I too buy from as I love the free shipping worldwide. I long for an old fashioned book store but it’s very new where I live in Orange County California. It’s nice to have a library filled with your precious books. Have a great day, Pat 📖📚


    1. Thanks Pat! I hope you got my reply to your last comment, re not being able to comment on your blog.

      I am lucky enough to live directly across the road from the new city library, which further fuels my issues… I don’t have time to read my purchased books as I keep borrowing others!

      I would love to visit your neck of the woods. I have only been to San Francisco in California.



  2. Books are expensive here in the UK too, but although I’m unsure of the exchange rate, I think that $30 is even more costly than here! The ladies gym that I attend has a bookcase where we all put our used paperbacks (plus a few cookery books, DVDs etc). We borrow them for a small voluntary donation and return them for someone else to borrow later. In the past 5 years we have made £6,000 for the local hospice by doing this. Most of my fiction comes from the bookcase.


    1. Books are definitely cheaper in England, I have noticed, although I think wages are relatively higher here in Australia. Your gym bookshelf sounds like my dream come true. I really gravitate towards anything like that. In a nearby suburb, someone has put a little ‘library’ (books in a cabinet, basically) in their garden, for people to take and add to – very cool!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What a wonderful idea. The gym bookcase which began as a shelf and is now about six also supplies most of my magazines.


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