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I had just been thinking about posting something, when I got a lovely notification from a new blogger friend, saying she was missing my posts… so sweet.

It’s been business as usual, really. I’m still working a lot of overtime.  It will likely run until April or May.  This does not happen every year, so a big part of me (the ‘sensible’ part) says to take advantage of it while it is around.

However, it is taking a bit of a toll and is counter-productive in some ways as I’m so busy and tired that I grab a lot of take away coffees and lunches and snacks to get me through, wasting quite a chunk of cash every week. I still come out ahead, of course, or I would not do it.. but I think you get my point.  As well as wasting money, it’s obviously not a very healthy or balanced lifestyle to continue indefinitely.

This weekend is a long weekend and there is no overtime, so that everybody takes a proper 3 day break.  It’s quite a weird feeling having 3 days in front of me with no commitments, other than pleasant ones..

Monday is Labour Day here in Western Australia… see info below, courtesy of Wikipedia…

Labour Day in Australia is a public holiday on dates which vary between states and territories. It is the first Monday in October in the Australian Capital TerritoryNew South Wales and South Australia. In Victoria and Tasmania, it is the second Monday in March (though the latter calls it Eight Hours Day). In Western Australia, Labour Day is the first Monday in March. In the Northern Territory and Queensland it is called May Day and occurs on the first Monday in May.[2] It is on the fourth Monday of March in the territory of Christmas Island.

The first march for a nine-hour day by the labour movement occurred in Melbourne on 21 April 1856.[3] On this day stonemasons and building workers on building sites around Melbourne stopped work and marched from the University of Melbourne to Parliament House to achieve an eight-hour day. Their direct action protest was a success, and they are noted as being among the first organised workers in the world to achieve an 8-hour day, with no loss of pay.[4]

This weekend, all being well, I am catching up with two very dear friends.  On Sunday afternoon I am going to a meditation session with one friend. She has recommended this place / practice.  As I’ve mentioned before, I have a bit of trouble with meditating, and the closest I get is when I really lose myself in a piece of music, but I am willing to give it a go and I am looking forward to seeing my lovely friend.  This lady was a colleague of mine from 2004-2007. She left to pursue other things, but we stayed in touch as we have similar interests and can talk for hours.

Then on Monday afternoon, I’m having a drink and seeing film with my best friend from school.  This friend was actually a year below me at school, but we both caught the same bus (the school was quite far away from where we lived).  When we met, she had just emigrated from Wales to Perth.  I had come from Scotland at age 7, so we had a little bit in common – I remember vividly that we were both mortified by some of the terminology our Mums used for everyday items.  It seems crazy now that we cared, but I guess you just want to fit in at that age.  I remember complaining to Anna that I wished my Mum would stop calling my raincoat a ‘mac’ and my umbrella a ‘brolly’ in front of my friends – how humiliating!! The film we are going to see is “Finding your feet”, a British comedy with a stellar cast. We always go to a lovely little old independent cinema – I can’t stand the big conglomerate ones!  This one is slightly cheaper – but it’s not about that.  It has character and charm, you can get a glass of wine and cheese platter etc, it has a really nice ‘vibe’ and I always look forward to it.

As well as these things, I am looking forward to just spending a bit of time pottering around and just breathing! I plan to give some thought to whether to continue the remaining overtime. If I decide to keep going, I plan to give some thought to how to manage it in a more organised and balanced way as continuing this way is not the greatest idea.

This is such a ridiculous ‘problem’ to have, when many across the world would love to just have a job!  I’m lucky I have a stable job which I’m healthy enough to perform, and all these bonus hours if I want them.  However, I’m sure you understand what I’m saying.

To finish on a completely different note, has anyone ever heard of “emotional freedom technique (EFT)” or “tapping”?  I was introduced to it years ago, and had to admit it actually worked for me straight away. Science /scepticism explains it as a placebo effect but, either way, I have found it surprisingly beneficial – I just don’t remember to do it very often! It can be used for absolutely anything that is troubling you – family and relationship issues, health issues, work issues, major or minor. The first time it was introduced to me, many years ago, I had something on my mind. I actually can’t remember what it was now, so it can’t have been life threatening, but I know at the time it was quite consuming – it might have been a problem with a friend.  After learning the tapping sequence, it was like the issue had vanished. Strange but true.  Give it a go before you rule it out 🙂

The reason I mention this is that there is a summit running online at the moment, to which I’m trying to listen each day for 10 days.  It’s one of those things where they only leave the content up for 24 hours (I think, or it may be 48) and then hope you will purchase it as you have missed some of it! I will not be purchasing it, but I am finding what I’m hearing quite interesting and beneficial so I’m trying to fit it in and take some notes…

I’m getting messages from family and friends in England and Ireland, relating to ‘Storm Emma’ and the heavy snow falls all over the land.  My photos today are of the current contrast between Perth city centre and Dublin city centre, taken by me and my cousin respectively.

I hope everyone in blog-land is well, and I will be catching up on some blog reading shortly.

Bye for now!6d247591-db10-45be-9d22-4fbd22cc57af



Author: Blissful breaths

My wish is to create here a haven of joyful simplicity, where I hope you will join me and find comfort, care and clarity. Fill your tea cup and let's chat :)

4 thoughts on “Still alive”

  1. Haha, glad to hear that you are still alive!
    We are very cold here in England. It is snowing heavily today and I’m very glad that it’s not a work day. I now work 16 hours a week over three days but still do a little overtime when it is needed.
    Although I had heard of Labour Day, I’d no idea that the actual day differed between states. I didn’t really know what it was celebrating either.
    I haven’t looked at the link yet, but am interested to read about tapping. Anything which offers the promise of relaxation or relief from anxiety is always worth a look. I’ll let you know what I think.
    I reckon that it is part of the job description for a mother to embarrass her children. It’s not intentional but all to do with the language changes which occur between generations. My granddaughter thinks that it’s hilarious that I refer to the cinema as ‘The pictures’.
    Enjoy your days off. It’s nice to have time that hasn’t been allocated to various activities, the delightful benefits of pottering being much underrated!


    1. Thanks Eloise. Gotta love the generation gap! My Mum says ‘the pictures’ – haha. I think my friend and I were extra embarrassed because our Mums used British words that Aussies had never heard of! (like mac and brolly!).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope you have a wonderful three day weekend. It’s always nice to meet up with old friends. It’s very interesting to read your blog as I learn so much history about your beautiful country. I wish you the best, Pat


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