Happy St Patrick’s Day, everyone.

Anoher long break between posts, but all is good – just busy!

Not a huge amount to report from the last two weeks – just work, work and more work.  However, I have now made a decision to have a break from overtime until at least after Easter. I’ll re-assess then.  It will likely come to and end some time in April or May.  I am proud of myself for doing so much, but also proud of myself for stopping! This was one of very few work-free Saturdays in quite some months, and it was very enjoyable.

I had a hair appointment at 8am.  I go to a hairdresser quite a distance away, as she is very good and VERY affordable (about a third to half the price of most salons around here).  She charges $100 for cut, colour, foils, wash and blow dry.  I had not been for a bit over 3 months due to just never having the time, so my hair was looking pretty yukky! I guess $100 might sound exorbitant to some people, but many popular salons charge $200 – $300 for the same thing.  I dyed my hair myself for a long time, with $5 packet mixes, and just went for basic trims, so I have not spent a lot on my hair over the years.  However, I am now at a point where I get some grey re-growth, and I want it done properly and with colours which hide the grey until next appointment.  I’m not at the point yet where I’m ready to ‘expose myself’ on the internet, so here’s me incognito! The colours don’t really show up properly but they’re a combination of gold and copper tones, I guess.  The lighter blondey gold strands are reasonably similar to the greys that poke through!


I had the appoitment so early as we were supposed to be having lunch in an another area, miles away from the hairdresser, so I wanted to leave enough time.  We were meant to be taking my mother-in-law out for her birthday, which is tomorrow.  It was also a birthday lunch for my brother-in-law, whose birthday was yesterday.  Unfortunately it was called off as my husband has come down with a heavy cold. He has spent today in bed.  Even if he had felt up to going, he did not want to run the risk of infecting his Mum, whose health is not the best.

So, by 10am, I had a nice chunk of free time ahead of me.  I found myself at various op-shops, almost on auto-pilot!   I came home with quite a haul! I rarely have any serious buyer’s remorse after op-shopping.  Things are just so cheap, the money goes to charity, and often I then re-donate books after reading them. I enjoy op-shopping far more than normal shopping as you never know what treasures and bargains you will find.  In fact, I rarely browse around ‘normal’ shops unless I specifically need something.

Photos of my goodies are below –

I think most of the titles / authors are legible.  The one next to the New Zealand book is “Coldwater” by Mardi McConnochie.  The three in the middle, after “The Gypsy Madonna” are a little unclear.  They are: “The Speech of Angels” by Sharon Maas, “Creative Journal Writing” by Stephanie Dowrick, “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” by Betty Smith and “The Law of Dreams” by Peter Behrens.

I am trying to be quite selective in what makes its way home with me, but these were all titles I either specifically wanted to read or which just really, really appealed to me!

I have actually already read “Small Great things” but wanted a copy as I lost track of the last one (I think my Mum lent it to someone!) and it is truly one of the best books I have ever read.  When I saw a new-looking copy for $2, I grabbed it.

We don’t have any immediate plans to go to New Zealand.  We went to the South Island a few years ago and absolutely loved it.  We would like to see more of the country when we are able.  I love DK travel guides as they contain such a depth of information about a country’s history, wildlife, attractions etc, that they are enjoyable and interesting to read even if you aren’t travelling there!

The Slow Cooker book has lots of simple recipes I think I might actually make. I intend to resurrect the slow cooker as the weather gets cooler. This kind of book would be about $50 retail (nuts!) – I paid $2.

I won’t do a synopsis of each book – that’s why we have Google!

I thought about hiding the Danielle Steel, but I admit to reading and enjoying her on occasion, when I really don’t want to have to concentrate – such as when I’m unwell, or travelling…

As for the other stuff … the clear tea pot was as new in its box.  I’m taking it to work as we have recently started a communal tea table, to which people (including myself) have contributed a wide array of teas.  We are a bit short on pots, so I’m donating this.  We have a tea shop here called T2, which is very popular.  They have expanded overseas, but not widely.  If you come across a store, I HIGHLY recommend the ‘Singapore breakfast’ blend. It is delicious!

According to Wikipedia, “In line with the first store opening in Singapore, in 2017 T2 created Singapore Breakfast tea, evoking kaya toast with a blend of pu’er, green tea, coconut flakes and roasted rice.[27] That same year the Scots Breakfast tea was created, being a blend of a robust black tea base, oats, cocoa husks, vanilla, cinnamon and sweet caramel notes.[54] 

Well, I wasn’t aware of the Scots breakfast – that is now on the shopping list!

The little ceramic pot is lovely – it hold 2 cups and looks new. That is for my personal use.

Both tea pots have infusers, so no strainer needed.

Then there are some nice glass bowls – handy for serving,  and a little pottery ‘jug’ type thing.. I’m not sure what the right word is! A pourer? (it does not have a handle).  I love the colours and I think it would be useful for salad dressing (I make my own out of balsamic vinegar, mustard etc).

And, finally, a ‘Morley ware’ bowl with a lovely inscription about Mothers.  I intend to give it to my Mum for Mother’s Day in May, perhaps with some chocloates in.  I think she will appreciate it.

Not too much other news…  My brother arrived last night from Melbourne and I picked him up at the airport. He is staying with my parents, as is my dog! (my brother and dog love each other, so this is their bonding opportunity!). He is here for a buck’s night and coming back in 2 weeks for the wedding! It was good to see him, and my folks, last night.

The weather has turned quite a lot cooler (although, at 24C, still a heatwave to my friends and family, and everybody else, in the Northern Hemisphere!) and a bit drizzly.  It is possibly related to Cyclone Marcus hitting Darwin, to our North-East.  That is just pure speculation on my part, as it’s 4000km away and I’m not a meteorologist, but it’s possible! 🙂  Today’s swim from Fremantle (Perth’s nearby port) to Rottnest Island (which I talked about in a recent post) was cancelled due to the treacherous conditions.


A different swimming event, again to Rottnest, was cancelled 3 weeks ago due to a shark!


Such is life in Western Australia! I have far too many books to read to even think of swimming to Rottnest, so I should be ok.

Well, I’d better go and check on my poor husband and see if he wants soup / orange juice / aspirin / sympathy!   I don’t know how men survive these colds, they seem to be so much worse than ours!

Bye for now, I hope everyone is well and I hope to post again by the end of the month! 🙂




Author: Blissful breaths

My wish is to create here a haven of joyful simplicity, where I hope you will join me and find comfort, care and clarity. Fill your tea cup and let's chat :)

3 thoughts on “Hello”

  1. It’s so nice to hear from you. Thank you for some great book ideas as I’m always looking for new authors (new to me) to read. You found some great items at the charity shops. Down here in southern California where I live, there are very few of these types of shops. We do have one for the American Cancer Society that gets some lovely things now and then but its a few miles from where I live. I do hope your husband is feeling better and hopefully you won’t get any illness. Colds can be so miserable. Have a wonderful weekend and don’t work too hard. My best wishes to you, Pat


  2. I love a mooch around with no particular thing in mind to buy. What a great haul of books. I always have to know that I have plenty of reading material available whether in paper form or kindle (though I am quite a reluctant kindle user…but useful if travelling).
    Cooler at 24c. Haha, we are currently in minus figures some days. We’ve had quite a lot of snow and it’s been very windy.
    Hair colours look nice. Mine is quite grey now so I get it highlighted (as have been doing for years) but then use silver toner which blends in the grey. It’s very fashionable here in the UK to have silvery hair at the moment. One of my sons conveniently chose a fab hairdresser wife which was a very useful thing to do. I get my hair blow dried twice a week. I pay once and do a basket of ironing for her for the second blowdry. It works well because we both think that we get the better bargain.


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